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S.O.S Initiative:

Please have a look at the S.O.S initiative and drive. SCHOOL INNITIATIVE Since we started the
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S.O.S Initiative

Please have a look at the S.O.S initiative and drive.


Since we started the school we have been raising funds to get papers and other essentials. Though the department has been trying to meet us halfway by supplying us with cleaning materials, a photocopier and ink, we sometimes run out of paper. After the School Governing Body was established it requested parents to contribute some money as donation. That process is very slow but not surprising looking at the kind of community that we have. Educators and the principal are expected to attend meetings, workshops even during holidays using their own petrol money. The principal is also expected to collect post and submit at the District like any other school principal irrespective of our situation.

Like any other school, our main objective is to have a successful and competent school. We aim to uplift the community of Villa Liza educationally followed by economic and social development. The school is without any sporting fields even nearby. Learners are, as a result, engaged in wrong social activities like gangsterism, alcohol and drug abuse and many cases of teenage pregnancies. The principal and educators are prepared to change the learners’ mind set by engaging them in activities that will keep them away from wrong doings after school and at home. For now there are NGO’s that are involved with our learners, after school, by developing them to be responsible citizens.

Educators have introduced chess club, netball, Rugby, volley ball, boxing and a school choir, choral and gospel. All these extra - mural activities do not have play fields but we tried to level the grounds ourselves. The school does not even have relevant balls for use and attire or playing kit for learners. We have Saturday classes for Mathematics grades 8 to 12. The main aim is to make our school a predominantly science and commerce school with excelling results. Tutors involved are not paid and are doing it voluntarily. As the principal I have an experience of organizing extra classes and know very well the results thereof which are rewarding for both.